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Friday, January 21, 2022
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Saturday, December 31, 2022
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Saturday, December 31, 2022
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F i o n a H a m z a , C P A

Who We Are

We’re a restaurant group with big goals and even bigger dreams! Our CEO and founder has started from the bottom as a dish washer and moved all the way up from back of house to front of house as the general manager. Working for many big restaurants in New York, he doesn’t only have experience but a pedigree of large fine-dining restaurants under his belt. We strive to spread our love of food, our passion for hospitality, and our goal to help others achieve great things within our establishments!



There is a shortage of all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurants in Katy, Texas that  provide smokeless charcoal cooking experience. One of the hottest areas in Houston is the Asian town in Katy area. Due to the high cost and the COVID pandemic, people are hesitant to start a Korean BBQ restaurant in the area.


We believe this is the perfect time to enter the market when there are demand but no supply. We will franchise with Handam BBQ and create their second location in the area. With their expertise and proven system, we can make this a high grossing location and grab demand in the west and northwest area of Houston and Katy.

Read the Franchise Agreement


Jonathan Navarrete is currently the general manager of Handam BBQ. He has over fifteen years of experience in the restaurant business. He immigrated to America and started working in the restaurant industry as a dishwasher in 2006. He gained experience and eventually worked his way into a management position. Jonathan currently holds an advance sommelier certificate awarded by the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust along with Mixology/Bartender and hospitality certifications from the New York Bartending School.

Lia Navarrete is the company’s director of Marketing and Public Relations. She came from a background of fine-dining and Modern American cuisine. Lia has held different roles that interacts with guest directly as well as social media and digital marketing. With her many marketing and social media background and her fluency of four different languages, she is highly qualified to be the spokesperson for NHG.


(a)  The return on investment and payback period has been calculated based on the intended disbursement of 70% of after-tax cash flows to equity investors and the operating partners in the first year; 80% in the second year; and 90% in the third and subsequent years.   Outside equity will receive 75% of all disbursed after-tax cash flows until all initial equity investments are paid back, while the proprietor will receive the remaining 25%. All Navarrete Hospitality Group LLC project cost and performance assumptions.

(b)  We project a very conservative 4% year-over-year growth rate in sales and a 2-3% annual increase in most operating expenses except for labor (estimated to increase by 4% annually), rent (increasing by 5% after first 5 years), and cost of goods sold which will hold relatively steady given our flexibility with menu composition and pricing.

(c)  These operating statements assume a conservative sales growth rate of 4% per year.  We have been intentionally conservative with order counts as well, projecting busier weekends and a few peak weeks around major local events and the university calendar for move-in and graduation.  We project average checks on orders to be $72

Note that these average checks reflect the multiple-guest order profiles typical of student purchases.

The cost of goods sold nets to 45% because of the slightly higher costs of buying local ingredients wherever possible. However, savings are obtained through cross-utilization and the use of unbranded packaging. We assume the cost of goods sold percentages will remain relatively stable as we will alter our menu to accommodate changes in individual item costs.

Revenue Share Note

Security Type : Revenue Share Note

Investment Multiple : 1.5x until $250,000 - 1.4x until $1,000,000

Additional Perks

Tier One - $300 Investment

  • 100 total available

  • $25 gift card to use at the restaurant

Tier Two - $700 Investment

  • 50 total available

  • $60 gift card use at the restaurant

  • NHG banded t-shirt

Tier Three - $1,200 Investment

  • 25 total available

  • $100 gift card to use at the restaurant

  • Craft cocktail & bar tool kit (Must be 21 and over) 

Tier Four - $10,000 Investment

  • 25 total available

  • $250 gift card to use at the restaurant

  • 2x NHG branded t-shirts

  • Craft cocktail & bar tool kit (Must be 21 and over)